Call the pharmacy for more information about the 4 - Phase Weight Loss Protocol or join us every Tuesday evening at 6 pm for a presentation on the protocol. Due to the high demand for the protocol space is limited, so call ahead to book your seat.


Refill and Automatic Refills

You have many things to remember and a lot of other things that needs done during the day. To make things easier we can refill your prescriptions automatically through our Automatic Refill service. Please speak to our staff about it.


Value Health Pharmacy offers free local deliveries and prescription pick-up, speak to our staff about it. To ensure a seamless process speak to our staff to arrange a payment method that can be set up at the pharmacy and which is most convenient for you.

Compliance Packaging

Medication adherence blister cards are designed to improve patient adherence by clearly organizing and labeling multiple medications in an easy-to-follow format that provides instant visual reinforcement of what to take and when.


We have pharmacists who cares about keeping you healthy. At Value Health Pharmacy we value the importance of one on one counseling. We have a specialized counseling room where you can meet comfortably with our pharmacist to discuss all your healthcare needs.

Customer Satisfaction

3 out of 4

Patients report dissatisfaction with their major retail pharmacy.
Change that today and let us take care of your medication needs.

If you can't afford your co-pay, come talk to our pharmacist. We may be able to assist.


Diabetic Supplies

We stock a wide range of diabetic products and supplies

Durable Medical Equipment

We stock a range of durable medical equipment, including walkers, wheelchairs, bed pans and much much more.


We stock a wide range of Vitamins, Mineral and Herbal Products. Try out our Essential oils

Health Stockings and Socks

We stock a range of varicose vein and diabetic Stockings and Socks for both women and men.

Prescription Medications

We are a full-service pharmacy and stock almost every medication available.

Quality Choice Products

Our in-house brand of products are called Quality Choice products and we have over a thousand products at a much lower price than Brand name products, with the same Quality.

Pet Medications

We stock a range off over the counter pet products and prescription medications. Let your Vet know -- We can fill prescriptions for your pets.

Name Brand Products

We stock a wide range of Brand name products at much lower prices. Come in and compare.

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niversity of East Anglia News The risk of death after a heart attack is lower than previously thought, and more widespread prescription of beta blockers could further improve survival rates, according to new research. The large cohort study by scientists at the University of East Anglia (UEA) Norwich Medical School and School of Computing Sciences

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